Is your workplace at risk for harassment?
This new inventory from Ekdesk helps you find out!

Harassment can happen in any workplace, but some employers are riskier than others. According to one recent study, for example, accommodation/food services, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare are among the highest risk industries for sexual harassment. And in the #MeToo era, we’ve seen high-profile harassment scandals at media and tech companies.

Ekdesk has conducted dozens of interviews with experts on workplace harassment and is now launching the Sonar Harassment Risk Inventory. This inventory allows employers and employees to index how much harassment risk their organization has, and ways to mitigate those risks. The full inventory includes thirty different risk factors that cover both the risk of harassment happening in the first place and the risk of it causing significant harm to a company. Scroll down to complete the inventory and better understand what your employer’s harassment risk looks like!

About Ekdesk: Ekdesk provides software and services for creating equitable workplace. Its products include Case Manager for documenting workplace issues, Sonar for detecting, deterring, and measuring workplace harassment, and Diamond for identifying untapped internal talent.

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