Strengthen transactional diligence with EkdeskTDS studies.

EkdeskTDS studies use Ekdesk’s workplace polling methodology to identify risk for M&A and other transactional diligence.

These studies help spot potential issues that may not be identified through traditional diligence methods. That includes issues that seller management may not know about.

Studies are customized based on a target’s unique risk profile. Please contact us at or 919-907-0036 to discuss incorporating an EkdeskTDS study into your diligence process.

Potential issues that EkdeskTDS studies can identify include:

  • Accounting and financial misconduct
  • Improper sales or business development practices
  • Workplace safety and HR issues
  • Environmental and other regulatory violations
  • IP, R&D, and operational concerns

Use-case examples include:

  • An M&A buyer seeks to verify management representations, or to identify issues management may not be aware of.
  • An M&A seller commissions a study to support its representations and to proactively identify unknown issues.
  • A prospective minority investor requests a study as part of its diligence.