Diamond helps identify and retain untapped leaders and contributors.

Diamond workplace polling asks team members to identify colleagues who are able and willing to contribute more.

  • This data allows organizations to identify, retain, and empower untapped talent that may not be spotted through traditional approaches.
  • Data analytics help measure workplace equity, including whether women, underrepresented minorities, and other groups are being identified for leadership opportunities. Data can be viewed at the organization and sub-organization (e.g., offices, teams, departments) levels.

Dig for the diamonds in your own backyard.

  • Existing approaches to identifying internal talent miss team members who are able and ready to contribute more and take on new challenges.
  • Ekdesk’s Diamond software fills this data gap by recognizing that coworkers collectively have the on-the-ground knowledge of where the hidden gems are.
  • Diamond uses broad, yes/no polling questions to ask team members whether colleagues have unrecognized potential to provide skill and thought leadership. Here’s a example of a Diamond poll.
  • Diamond analytics can be used to supplement other data sources used for internal promotion and assignment purposes. It can also be used to coach managers on opportunities to increase inclusion and equity.
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FAQs for Employers

How does Diamond work?

We start from the premise that many employees who are ready and able to contribute more in their organizations go unnoticed. Every organization has these diamonds in its own backyard, and colleagues are the people most likely to know where they lie.

Diamond works by conducting anonymous, random, and ongoing polling in our customers’ workplaces. This polling asks employees open-ended, yes/no questions whether specific colleagues are contributing leadership and ideas in line with their ability and desire. Responses indicating potential unrecognized talent as recorded as “carats.” If there are a lot of carats associated with an employee, that’s a sign for management to give the employee a closer look and find ways to extend the employee and the contribution he or she is making.

We have multiple locations, would Diamond work for us?

We work with customers to understand the physical and organizational configurations they operate in, and these considerations are built into the design of the customer’s Diamond program.

How should we use the data Diamond produces?

As part of creating a Diamond program, we work with customers to test and establish appropriate benchmarks and follow-up plans for using Diamond data. Examples include letting managers know who on their team is viewed by colleagues as having untapped potential, targeting internal recruitment efforts, and measuring whether certain categories of employees (including women and underrepresented minorities) are being consistently underrecognized in terms of their potential to contribute more.

How much does Diamond cost? How can we set up a call or demo?

Diamond pricing is driven by a customer’s size and service needs. Please email us at team@ekdesk.com, or call us at 919-907-0036, to discuss pricing and a demo.

How long does a Diamond program take to set up?

It usually takes at least two weeks to design a Diamond program and appropriately communicate with employees about the program, how it works, and what it’s intended to accomplish. Set-up can take longer than two weeks depending on the complexity of a customer’s needs.

FAQs for Employees

What's the purpose of Diamond?

Diamond helps organizations identify and retain employees who have leadership potential that hasn’t been recognized by management or existing processes.

Who gets the polls?

Everyone. Diamond is anonymous, random, and ongoing. Over time, everyone will receive polls and be asked about in them.

Is it anonymous?

Absolutely. Diamond retains no data that could link an individual to his or her poll responses.

What happens with Diamond responses?

Diamond data is used by HR and management to identify individual employees who are viewed by colleagues as being ready and able to contribute more. It’s also used to spot whether certain categories of employees, including women or underrepresented minorities, are not getting opportunities to lead and have their ideas and voices heard.

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