EkdeskCC helps organizations uphold ethical, professional, and compliance standards.

EkdeskCC uses Ekdesk’s workplace polling methodology to create custom compliance monitoring programs.

EkdeskCC proactively and comprehensively monitors for issues, rather than relying on employee tips to come in. Programs are customized based on an organization’s ethics and compliance needs. Please contact us at team@ekdesk.com or 919-907-0036 to discuss custom compliance programs for your organization.

Use-case examples include:

  • An internal auditor identifies offices, functions, or other accounting units that are at high risk for issues related to internal controls, books and records, or mishandling or misuse of funds.
  • A sales organization monitors for inappropriate sales practices.
  • A construction company monitors for potentially dangerous worksites.
  • A multinational company identifies potential improper payments to foreign officials.
  • A government agency monitors for potential issues related to professional standards.
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