Case management for equitable workplaces.

Ekdesk Case Manager makes it easy to prepare complete, discovery-ready documentation of workplace issues.

Document workplace issues

Ekdesk’s Case Manager software makes it easy to document workplace issues—from employee performance or misconduct to harassment and discrimination complaints—in a centralized, searchable database.
Ekdesk Case Manager

Pre-loaded case templates

When you create a new case, identify the issue, e.g., absenteeism, performance, or harassment. Case Manager suggests sample questions for subject and witness interviews.

Flexible interviews

Ekdesk gives you options for interviewing and collecting statements. Case managers can input interviewee responses directly into the case file. Ekdesk also provides for electronic interviews that individuals complete online in their own words.

Case notes

Add case notes to document your progress, investigative steps, and factual findings. You can also add notes for individuals (e.g., to document your efforts to set up, or your credibility determinations after, an interview). Case notes support attachments, such as emails and other documentary evidence.

Audit reports

Ekdesk timestamps all case activity, which can be downloaded as a single PDF. This audit report can be shared with counsel or used to defend the organization if it faces a workplace-related claim. The enterprise version supports native file exports (for archiving or e-discovery use).

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Manage workplace cases

Ekdesk Case Manager helps organizations document their workplace issues, whether case management is the responsibility of one person or many. Examples include:
  • Small companies with a single manager or HR professional who handles all workplace issues
  • Bigger companies where business managers and HR professionals work together to document issues
  • Geographically spread out organizations, like retailers, that require local management to handle and document workplace issues

Administrator privileges

Case Manager’s dashboard allows the administrator to handle billing, manage case manager accounts, communicate with case managers, re-assign cases between case managers, and archive cases.

Interview disclaimers

Interview instructions and disclaimers are included in every written interview form. The administrator can set defaults that apply to each form, such as asking interviewees to keep case information confidential or warning them that retaliation is not permitted. Case managers can edit disclaimers as appropriate for individual cases.

Account management and access control

Case Manager Enterprise supports unlimited case manager accounts for organizations who have more than one person responsible for documenting workplace issues. Case managers access only the cases they open or are assigned, and only the administrator can delete a case once it’s opened. The administrator may re-assign a case, which also removes the prior case manager’s access.

Close/reopen cases

Case managers can close cases once they’re resolved. If future issues arise, a case can be reopened at any time.

Prepare complete, discovery-ready documentation of workplace issues.
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