Ekdesk helps organizations create equitable workplaces.

Why creating an equitable workplace is important.

Building an equitable, respectful workplace is the right thing for companies to do, and it’s also a business and legal imperative. Companies struggle to detect and deter workplace harassment and discrimination, and many companies struggle to maintain complete documentation of workplace issues.

Why we built Ekdesk.

We started Ekdesk to fill those gaps with the goal of helping our customers improve their retention and recruiting, while also avoiding the legal and reputational risks associated with hostile work environment and wrongful discharge allegations.

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Referral Partnerships

Today, workplace equity has taken on a new urgency for HR, employee relations, and legal departments. Ekdesk is happy to partner with PEOs, HR consultancies, and other vendors to introduce Case Manager and Sonar to their clients. We believe that HR vendors are ideally positioned to help companies use Ekdesk products to create more equitable workplaces. To start a conversation about referral partnerships, please contact us at partnerships@ekdesk.com.